The Damage Control Protocol

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By Paul Lavergne

  • Category: Family & Relationships, Books, Nonfiction, Health, Mind & Body, Psychology, Self-Improvement
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2020-03-16
  • Author: Paul Lavergne
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The Damage Control Protocol Overview

More couples that ever are being impacted by Internet porn, online dating apps, sexting, using escorts, going to "massage" parlours, and other secret sexual behaviours. The Damage Control Protocol is a no nonsense guide written to help couples dealing with the discovery of secret sexual behaviours and cyber-betrayal. Damage Control is written by Registered Psychotherapist and Sexual Recovery Therapist Paul Lavergne, who has spent the last 9 1/2 years working with individuals and couples impacted by these behaviours. The tools and techniques in Damage Control are designed to help put you back on a path of stability and recovery after "D-Day" - the discovery of the secrets your partner has been keeping. This book is written for both the offending party wishing to recover and change, as well as the partner who has experienced betrayal truama and is looking for the answers needed to repair the relationship. If you have decided for sure that you are not staying together as a couple, then Damage Control Protocol is probably not meant for you. If you are at least open to the possibilty of reconciliation, you will find the concepts and guidelines in here invaluable. Damage Control will help you to not make the situation any WORSE than it already is, as well as give you the steps you need to take NOW to start to regain some stability and hope to move forward. 

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