The Cure: Of, By And For The People

The Cure: Of, By And For The People Book Details

By Vittorio Hugo Svoboda

  • Category: Sociology, Books, Nonfiction, Social Science, Politics & Current Events, Political Science
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2020-06-27
  • Author: Vittorio Hugo Svoboda
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The Cure: Of, By And For The People Overview

This book details a groundbreaking new, scientifically-based roadmap for transitionioning out of the current dysfunctional, unsustainable dominant socio-economic paradigm in the world today and into a new paradigm that will facilitate the thriving of individuals, communities, countries and Humanity as a whole in a dynamic symbiotic system of mutually-empowering relationships. This book is intended for all people from all backgrounds, ethinicities, educational levels, and nationalities. This is not a political book. It is look at human socio-economics from a commonsense, multidisciplinary perspective with an eye to learning from combined human experience to design a new paradigm based on knowledge of what does and does not work.

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