Female Reproductive Tract

Female Reproductive Tract Book Details

By Patrick D. Wilson

  • Category: Life Sciences, Books, Science & Nature
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2020-06-05
  • Author: Patrick D. Wilson
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Female Reproductive Tract Overview

The Veterinary Microscopic Anatomy Review series is a 21-volume set of interactive iBooks to allow a Q&A type review of microscopic anatomy structure and function. The histological sections are taken from multiple domestic species, including the canine, feline, bovine and equine.

In this unit of the series, multiple ovaries, oviducts, uteri, and vaginas from multiple species are examined, plus one example from the vestibule. Various stages of follicles and corpora lutea are reviewed, as are the cells that make up these structures and their functions. Review of the stages of the estrous cycle and changes in the uterus and vagina during the cycle also are considered, including observation of vaginal smears from the bitch.

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