Orphans Of The Mourning

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By Robert Chapin

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  • Release Date: 2010-01-21
  • Author: Robert Chapin
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Orphans Of The Mourning Overview

Preston Cunningham is assigned to Vietnam in spite of his 4 year guaranteed tour in Germany. A cryptographer, Preston was assigned via remote status to The office of The Vice President - Hubert Humphrey at The White House.

In Vietnam, true to the Army's attitude of "hurry-up and wait", he was ordered by his commanding officer to scrounge (beg - borrow - or steal) whatever necessary to make the war machine tick. Often trading helicopter parts for a skid of booze or choice steaks.

The greedy Major was only interested in becoming a paper war hero. Preston Cunningham became a powerful force and had the ability to make General officers of lesser grade lieutenant's, captains, etc.

The commander orders Preston to produce a DSC - (Distinguished Service Cross) the second highest award for valor next to The Medal of Honor. The medal was never officially awarded but the Major was of the opinion it was now included in his record and at a promotion board at The Pentagon, he was admonished for wearing the chest ribbon.

On a routine mission, Preston was shot down over Cambodia - the forbidden zone! A daring rescue and recovery at a U.S. Army P.O.W. Hospital - he fell in love with his nurse whom he married. She dies in a helicopter crash and he is reassigned to The Pentagon. His superior officer is a Lieutenant General who considers Preston "like a son" and urges him to attend West Point.

Preston eventually graduates a lieutenant, is assigned to The White House in Covert Security Ops, with the influence of his former commander -the three star general - Preston becomes the youngest four star general in the army locates Osama Bin Laden - employes a strike force and in their attempt to capture Bin Laden - are only capable of acquiring his blood for DNA identification.

With the news that Bin Laden is dead, Preston Cunningham is a world hero - resigns from the military and runs for president. Becomes the first Vietnam Veteran President...From sergeant to President.

The new president fills the attoreney general, surgeon general, and several other positions with his misfit scrounge friends from his days in Vietnam...This is a good read!

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