Betraying Nexus

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By Richard L. Sanders

  • Category: Short Stories, Books, Mysteries & Thrillers
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2011-04-16
  • Author: Richard L. Sanders
  • Book Ratings: 4/5 (57 User Reviews)
Score Ratings: 4
Based on 57 User Reviews

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Betraying Nexus Overview

Jason is a member of Nexus, a secret organization with a singular purpose: eliminate crime and protect the innocent. As a Nexus operative, he is a Mind Bender and can implant thoughts into the minds of others. It is a dangerous and powerful gift that sometimes has lethal consequences, and forces even the best Mind Bender to see the world through a lens of doubt and suspicion—constantly wondering what's real and what isn't. Within Nexus, Jason is a rising star and he’s madly in love with a ranking member—the woman of his dreams. Life could not be more perfect.

But when he’s forced to take down an old friend and, as a reward, is further advanced into Nexus, he learns its darkest secret and must ask himself what he believes in. And if it’s worth turning against the woman he loves.

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