Dead Man Lives!

Dead Man Lives! Book Details

By Di Allen

  • Category: Religion, Books, Kids
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2011-08-09
  • Author: Di Allen
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Dead Man Lives! Overview

Dead Man Lives! - try it!
“A large crowd of soldiers turned up to arrest Jesus. They carried clubs and spears in case he got violent.”
Shh, don't tell anyone! We're spies. We're spying on God! Have you ever thought about God? What’s he like? Is he real? Don’t just go by what others have told you. Why not investigate for yourself?
I Spy GI club members are investigators.
Our equipment is the God Investigator series of eBooks.
Read the evidence.
Interview characters who might have been eye witnesses.
Take up a challenge. Make some video clips.
Enjoy activities with friends.
Dead Man Lives!
Why is Good Friday good? Is there any evidence Jesus is alive? Who said so?
Learn Bible truths to help in life. Stories, interviews, video clips, life apps. Have fun as you learn.
Dead Man Lives! Enjoy!

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