Discussion on American Slavery

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By Rev. Robert J. Breckinridge

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2010-05-23
  • Author: Rev. Robert J. Breckinridge
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Discussion on American Slavery Overview

Discussion on American Slavery is a Historical Book. The book tells that Agreeably to public advertisement, the discussion between Mr. George Thompson and the Rev. R. J. Breckinridge, was opened Monday evening, June 13. By half-past six, the hour fixed on by he Committee, Dr. Wardlaw's Chapel contained 1, 200 individuals, the number agreed upon by both parties. A great number could not gain admittance, in consequence of the tickets allotted, being bought up on Saturday. On the entrance of the two antagonists, accompanied by the Committee, the audience warmly cheered them. By appointment of the Committee Rev. Dr. WARDLAW took Me Chair. Having thanked the Committee for the honor they had conferred on him, and which, he trusted, would meet with the concurrence of the meeting, he said he had accepted the honorable post with the utmost confidence in the forbearance and propriety of corduct of the two gentlemen — or antagonists, should he call them ? ivho were to address the meeting ; and also, with the most perfect confidence in the good conduct and sense of propriety possessed b}? the meeting. Had he not possessed such confidence, he would rever have thought of under-taking the present task. Had he imagined that the present meeting would give way to similar expressions of feeling as liad taken place within these walls on some former occasions, he would at once have declined the task, as one for which he was totally unfit, he was not fit to manage storms. The parties on the present occasion were different from those to whom they had listened at the time to which he referred. One of them, it was true, was the same, and his character all of them knew.

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