The Balkan Wars: 1912-1913

The Balkan Wars: 1912-1913 Book Details

By Jacob Gould Schurman

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  • Release Date: 1942-08-12
  • Author: Jacob Gould Schurman
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The Balkan Wars: 1912-1913 Overview

A little clan of oriental shepherds, the Turks had in two generations gained possession of the whole of the northwest corner of Asia Minor and established themselves on the eastern shore of the Bosphorus. The great city of Brusa, whose groves to-day enshrine the stately beauty of their mosques and sultans' tombs, capitulated to Orkhan, the son of the first Sultan, in 1326; and Nicaea, the cradle of the Greek church and temporary capital of the Greek Empire, surrendered in 1330. On the other side of the Bosphorus Orkhan could see the domes and palaces of Constantinople which, however, for another century was to remain the seat of the Byzantine Empire.

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