A Yeoman's Letters

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By P. T. Ross

  • Category: Africa, Books, History
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2009-01-10
  • Author: P. T. Ross
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A Yeoman's Letters Overview

In 'A Yeoman's Letters', Mr. P. T. Ross has written the liveliest book about the War which has yet appeared. Whatever amusement can be extracted from a tragic theme will be found in his vivacious 'Letters'. He seems one of those high-spirited and versatile young men who notice the humorous side of everything, and can add to the jollity of a company by a story, a song, an 'impromptu' poem, or a pencilled caricature. More khaki, sniffed a bored but charming lady, as she glanced at a picture of the poor Yeomanry at Lindley, and then hastily turned away to something of greater interest. I overheard the foregoing at the Royal Academy, soon after my return from South Africa, last May, and thanked the Fates that I was in mufti. It was to a certain extent indicative of the jaded interest with which the War is now being followed by a large proportion of the public at home, the majority of whom, I presume, have no near or dear ones concerned in the affair; a public which cheered itself hoarse and generally made 'a hass' of itself many months ago in welcoming certain warriors whose period of active service had been somewhat short. I wonder how the veterans of the Natal campaign, the gallant Irish Brigade, and others, will be received when they return? 'Come back from the War! What War?'

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