Practical English Composition: Book II.

Practical English Composition: Book II. Book Details

By Edwin L. Miller

  • Category: Language Arts & Disciplines, Books, Professional & Technical, Education
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 1934-01-01
  • Author: Edwin L. Miller
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Practical English Composition: Book II. Overview

The object of this book is to teach high-school boys and girls how to write plain newspaper English. Next to letter-writing, this is at once the simplest and the most practical form of composition. The pupil who does preëminently well the work outlined in this volume may become a proof-reader, a reporter, an editor, or even a journalist. In other words, the student of this book is working on a practical bread-and-butter proposition. He must remember, however, that the lessons it contains are elementary. They are only a beginning. And even this beginning can be made only by the most strenuous and persistent exertions. English is not an easy subject. It is the hardest subject in the curriculum. To succeed in English three things are required:

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