Queensland Cousins

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By Eleanor Luisa Haverfield

  • Category: Family & Relationships, Books, Young Adult, Fiction
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 1870-01-01
  • Author: Eleanor Luisa Haverfield
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Queensland Cousins Overview

Nesta flushed a little and looked grave as she stood by the table fingering the string of the wonderful parcel. Such a lot of string there was, and so much sewing and writing! Whatever it might contain, at least the parcel looked interesting. The owner of the third head that had looked over the veranda railing to shout the news was ten-year-old Peter. It always seemed to Nesta and Eustace that he was ever so much younger than they were—perhaps because he had been the baby for so many years, till Becky came. Peter was fair, and very like his mother and Nesta. Eustace and little Becky were the two who were like their father, brown-haired and brown-eyed. Peter had a delicate, sensitive face, and he was always wondering about things in a queer, dreamy sort of way.

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