The Liberty Minstrel

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By George W. Clark

  • Category: Astronomy, Books, Science & Nature
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 1812-01-01
  • Author: George W. Clark
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The Liberty Minstrel Overview

This is a science book. Who does not desire to see the day when music in this country, cultivated and practised by all—music of a chaste, refined and elevated style, shall go forth with its angel voice, like a spirit of love upon the wind, exerting upon all classes of society a rich and healthful moral influence. When its wonderful power shall be made to subserve every righteous cause—to aid every humane effort for the promotion of man's social, civil and religious well-being. It has been observed by travellers, that after a short residence in almost any of the cities of the eastern world, one would fancy 'every second person a musician'. During the night, the streets of these cities, particularly Rome, the capitol of Italy, are filled with all sorts of minstrelsy, and the ear is agreeably greeted with a perpetual confluence of sweet sounds. A Scotch traveller, in passing through one of the most delightful villas of Rome, overheard a stonemason chanting something in a strain of peculiar melancholy; and on inquiry, ascertained it to be the 'Lament of Tasso'. He soon learned that this celebrated piece was familiar to all the common people.

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