O. Dan Smith’s New Media Portfolio Concepts

O. Dan Smith’s New Media Portfolio Concepts Book Details

By O. Dan Smith

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  • Release Date: 2012-10-30
  • Author: O. Dan Smith
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O. Dan Smith’s New Media Portfolio Concepts Overview

O. Dan Smith's New Media Portfolio Concepts

Exploring New Media Destinations

This interactive book presents an overview about new media and presents O. Dan Smith's digital portfolio. The information is organized around colorful illustrations, logical organization, usable navigation, and new media concepts and conventions. 

It contains a diverse collection of new media projects including:

•  Digital Video Projects

•  Animation Projects

•  Writings and Researched Initiatives

•  Embedded and Externally Linked Media

•  Galleries of Pictures, Papers, Charts, Graphs, and Illustrations

•  Print–oriented Marketing and Instructional Collateral

•  Examples of a Keynote Presentation, Podcast, Interactive Timeline, and Narrative Display Examples

•  Innovative Manipulation of Authoring Conventions for Special Capabilities

This publication was created as an interactive publication. A short colophon is included that details some key points about the project development experience.

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