A Free Visitor’s eGUIDE to Northwest Corfu

A Free Visitor’s eGUIDE to Northwest Corfu Book Details

By Herman Mittelholzer

  • Category: Europe, Books, Travel & Adventure
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2012-04-24
  • Author: Herman Mittelholzer
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A Free Visitor’s eGUIDE to Northwest Corfu Overview

An interactive guide to the region of NW Corfu for travellers and those thinking of retiring or setting up in business in this Greek Island, from a writer who has been visiting the island for over 35 years

Containing honest descriptions of the four main tourist resorts, this e-guide enables readers to link directly to web sites for further information, to book accommodation, flights or ferries, as well as to tap, scroll and view full screen slide shows.

This concept is widely heralded to become the new electronic holiday brochure for Independent Travellers, and goes much deeper into the character of the region, providing clear and honest appraisals of its people and the place. The good bits and the bad bits are all included, allowing readers to get a real taste of the Island and then decide whether they would like to place it on their destination list.

The guide also goes further with some hard-hitting consumer information, that exposes some of the practices of companies that many may trust and rely on when they travel, and also goes on to explain a lot about why Greece is experiencing its current financial turmoil.

This is definitely a book for anyone who has visited Corfu or is thinking about visiting this Greek Holiday Island.

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