High School Freak

High School Freak Book Details

By Aaron Grunn

  • Category: Crime & Mystery, Books, Young Adult, Fiction, Action & Adventure
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2012-06-21
  • Author: Aaron Grunn
  • Book Ratings: 5/5 (5 User Reviews)
Score Ratings: 5
Based on 5 User Reviews

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High School Freak Overview

John lives alone with his mother, who is much too protective for his tastes. He gets made fun of at school, and hates every minute he spends there. He's resigned himself to surviving high school by not being seen.

One day the school bullies push him too far, and he strikes back. But the consequences are too much for him to handle. He knows he's special, his mother always says so, but these new powers might be too special for his own good.

Before he knows it, John is thrown into a world, where people try to hunt him down. With his life on the line, he cannot fathom what will happen to him next. How will he survive now?

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