Real Estate and Property In Cyprus

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By Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC

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  • Release Date: 2012-07-31
  • Author: Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
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Real Estate and Property In Cyprus Overview

The world’s population is growing rapidly and so is the demand for land. Land is a finite resource and therefore its value worldwide is constantly increasing.

In recent years the increase has been rapid, fed by inflation and the instability of the monetary systems and fiscal policies of advanced economies, making investment in immovable property extremely attractive. The great technological advances in communication, transportation and international trade have made investment in this field easier and more accessible than in the past. Even if there is a moderation in property values in the short term, prices have historically shown steady growth in the longer term.

Man’s affinity with the land stems from time immemorial and it is easy to understand why land has always been considered as one of the most precious commodities, closely connected with social and economic stability and progress, and why legal systems throughout history have sought to put in place robust means to regulate the rights of occupation and ownership of immovable property.

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