Your Magical Laugh (Beautifully Illustrated Children's Book)

Your Magical Laugh (Beautifully Illustrated Children's Book) Book Details

By Daniel Bulleri

  • Category: Social Issues, Books, Kids, Children & Teens, Children's Fiction
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2012-08-31
  • Author: Daniel Bulleri
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Your Magical Laugh (Beautifully Illustrated Children's Book) Overview

This sweet and funny kid’s book reminds us all that positive reinforcement and the right guidance are always important for building the confidence and the independence of our children.

A child's laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world. Through a rhyming narrative and bright, colorful artwork, Your Magical Laugh shows children just how powerful their laughter is. It illustrates the importance of sharing their smiles and even though they may being feeling blue sometimes, more laughs are just around the corner.

Come and join Your Magical Laugh for some bedtime reading or for an uplifting journey.

Aimed at ages baby-3 and ages 4-8 but everyone will enjoy this colorful, happy book.

Review of Your Magical Laugh by
Denise Mistich of

Your Magical Laugh, by Daniel Bulleri, is one of the most wonderful children’s books we have reviewed so far. It is well written, easy for preschoolers to follow and beautifully illustrated with textures and colors that are perfect for developing young minds. More importantly, it is encouraging.

Children tend to hear far more negative statements than positive throughout their lives and it seems possible in some cases, we actually “tame” their laughter.

Not so with this short, sweet little book that is packed with encouragement and the powerful message that laughter is good medicine for everyone. Playtime and laughter are learned behaviors and this is an excellent teaching tool.

As author, mom and grandmother, I highly recommend it!

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