The United States and Britain In Prophecy

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By Herbert W. Armstrong & Philadelphia Church of God

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The United States and Britain In Prophecy Overview

People of the Western world would be stunned-dumbfounded-if they knew! The
governments of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australasia, South
Africa would set in motion gigantic crash programs-if they knew! They could
know! But they don’t! Why?

In this book:

• The Lost Master Key Has Been Found

• Prophecies Closed Until Now!

• National Greatness Promised Israel—Yet the Jews Never Received

• The Separation of the Birthright and the Scepter

• The Davidic Covenant

• Children of Israel Become Two Nations

• The Mysterious Breach

• Israel's New Land

• Birthright Withheld 2,520 Years!

• Why Israel Lost Identity

• The Birthright—at its Zenith—and Now!

• And Now What? The Prophecies for the Immediate Future

• What's Prophesied to Happen, Now—to America and Britain

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