The Lady with Blue Lips

The Lady with Blue Lips Book Details

By Brenda Franklin

  • Category: Ghost, Books, Fiction & Literature
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2012-10-24
  • Author: Brenda Franklin
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The Lady with Blue Lips Overview

It's more than just a cold draft, a simple shadow out the corner of the eye; the sound of movement when no one's there.

Olivia Strange just moved into her new apartment with her cat Lexington and already strange things are happening! But can Olivia figure out what's going on or will she be the next person to disappear?


A scurry across the floor jerked her head to the side where she saw nothing. She couldn't see the floor well at all from where she was sitting so she eased forward, still holding onto her blanket, to check. She wanted to be sure there wasn't a rat running across her floor. Just as she leaned her body over the edge of the bed is when she felt a shift in the bed around her. It seemed to depress. Her hair stood on end and her arms became riddled with goose bumps, than the light snapped off with a metallic sound.

She jumped turning to look at the lamp which was still semi visible in the dark thanks to both the moon light from the open curtains of the windows and her clock. She reached out to turn the lamp back on but nothing. The bulb had blown. A second sound of movement slid across the floor.

“It’s okay. Get a hold of yourself.” She mumbled in the darkness letting out another hot breath between her trembling teeth. Her eyes strained to see before she remembered her flashlight tucked away.

She reached down to the floor and eased her hand under the bed. Her fingers reaching out for the flashlight she knew should have been within reach, but now, when she needed it most she struggled to find the darn thing.

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