The Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver

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By Mr. Sam

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2013-01-12
  • Author: Mr. Sam
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The Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver Overview

Strategies presented in the Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver will improve discipline, reduce referrals, increase safety, increase parental involvement and improve both the recruiting and the retention of school bus drivers. Everyone having an interest in public education should read the Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver. The Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver addresses important issues of driver and student retention as well as student safety. The number one reason people refuse to become a school bus driver and the reason many bus driver's quit is their inability to effectively deal with student discipline. Others who quit were unable to reconcile school bus driver compensation with the rigors of managing student discipline. The truth is school bus drivers are paid way less to transport the “precious cargo” than other commercial drivers are paid to transport gravel, junk cars, and soda. After reading the Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver everyone will know what it takes to be an effective big yellow school bus driver in the real world. Students refusing to follow school bus safety rules create an avalanche of time consuming issues not only for school bus drivers but for school administrators and parents as well. Student distraction from the safe operation of the big yellow bus is the number one safety concern of school bus drivers everywhere. Seeing drivers quit out of frustration moved me to write this book using real world strategies that effectively deal with student discipline in today's public schools. School bus drivers want students to succeed. We work very hard to set them up for success. We work all the time at keeping them on the bus while some students work just as hard trying to get kicked off. The Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver explains why you should do this and not something else using real world examples of commonly encountered student issues. Solutions are based on easy to understand reasoning for solving discipline problems. From this approach you understand how to work through the issue when given the facts and the rules to reach a real world solution. While many students comply with bus safety rules others simply refuse to act safely requiring a more robust and real world strategy. A strategy that keeps more students riding to school every day on the bus. The Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver is unique in providing real world solutions to real world issues.

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