A Human Guide to Bankruptcy

A Human Guide to Bankruptcy Book Details

By Leon Bayer

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2013-06-03
  • Author: Leon Bayer
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A Human Guide to Bankruptcy Overview

We enjoy what we do at Bayer, Wishman & Leotta because we get to help real people every day with real problems. We are Los Angeles Bankruptcy experts and our decades of experience allow us to provide immediate solutions to folks—humans just like you and us—based on sound and thoughtful advice. We don’t waste time. We get right to the most important problems that our clients face and we guide them through the solutions.
Bankruptcy and dealing with lawyers may seem scary, especially to folks facing financial stress from lawsuits, garnishments, foreclosures or divorce. So we try hard to put a human face and a human touch on everything we do. In fact, that’s how this “Guide” got its name.

For years we’ve shared our bankruptcy tips and advice with people through our blog, newsletter, emails, free face-to-face meetings, seminars, publications for other lawyers, media interviews and, well, you get the idea. So we thought it was time to put some of our experience in a book for regular folks—even the ones that don’t hire us. A Human Guide to Bankruptcy is the result. We've included a Glossary of Key Terms and some other Extra Features at the end of the book and we hope that it helps to guide you in your time of need.

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