Formation of the Solar System - A 21st Century Theory

Formation of the Solar System - A 21st Century Theory Book Details

By James L. Baker

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  • Release Date: 2013-08-09
  • Author: James L. Baker
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Formation of the Solar System - A 21st Century Theory Overview

This book is named A Twenty First Century Theory because it differs completely from all previous Solar System formation theories.  For the past 400 years, scientists and astronomers assumed the Sun came first and then the planets formed.  This assumption trapped them into a corner that was impossible to escape.  There was no way to build what is here.

The Twenty First Century Theory starts by building the planets first. This allowed all of the previous mysteries to be solved such as:

• How gases and dust formed into planets
• Why the planets rotate and orbit counterclockwise
• Why the planets are in their particular orbits
• Why orbits are nearly circular and in one plane
• How planets attained high spin rates
• How pure iron happens to be in the center of the earth and other bodies 
• Why all planets and moons with iron also have water
• What was the source of our atmosphere
• How the Sun was formed
• Why the angular momentum of the Sun is not proportional to its share of the Solar System’s mass

Major players in this theory are the gases which made up over 99.9% of the mass in the beginning.

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