The Watcher of Eden

The Watcher of Eden Book Details

By Jonathan Weber

  • Category: Historical, Books, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2013-10-28
  • Author: Jonathan Weber
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The Watcher of Eden Overview

Armand is a Fallen Angel who has lived on Earth for thousands of years.  His one purpose--destroy the demons infesting the planet, and their creator, Mastema (aka Satan).

In this historic adventure set against the backdrop of Earth's creation until the present, you travel with  Armand across the universe as Earth and humankind are created, and the seeds of discontent are sown by the angelic leaders Lucifer and Mastema.  Armand and many other angels are seduced into changing into immortal half-human, half-angels that can experience the pleasures of the flesh and the chance for spiritual evolution.  That was the promise given by Lucifer and Mastema, but unknown to Armand and the others is the hidden agenda that includes world domination and the creation of a race of demons.

Now, its up to Armand and his friends to set right the wrongs brought upon the Earth by their former angelic leaders.

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