A Christmas Calamity: Astro's Adventures

A Christmas Calamity: Astro's Adventures Book Details

By Susan Day

  • Category: Animals, Books, Kids, Fiction, Action & Adventure
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2013-12-09
  • Author: Susan Day
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A Christmas Calamity: Astro's Adventures Overview

Who wouldn't want a robot that looked exactly like they did? How much fun would it be to go on adventures saving dogs with your robot double? Can we really blame Astro for ruining Christmas then?

Well, yes, actually. Astro thinks that his robot double can be reprogrammed to be good. He is sadly mistaken. After his robot double injures Santa and the reindeer it is up to our brave heroes to save Christmas. Let's face it, driving a sleigh and giving out presents can't be that hard surely? But what happens when the sleigh is stolen right from under their very noses? Who is swapping presents and burning Christmas angels? Who would dare to write rude things about Santa using Christmas lights?

And who will eventually save us all from this terrible Christmas Calamity?

In this fun children’s story from the Astro's Adventures series you'll meet a young enthusiastic Border collie named Laddie, three very cheeky ducklings and you’ll learn about some of Santa's secret powers.

Joining the fun is our team of heroes, Commander Rocky, Stella D'oro, Alfie, Digger, Indy, Hans, Dingo and of course, Astro - our kind hearted reluctant hero. Not to mention, a guest appearance from Santa Claus himself!

All are part of a team who work for a mysterious organisation. This organisation exists without detection and operates right under our very noses. Its sole purpose is to save dogs from neglect and to save each other too!

Spy links Included!! These are special web addresses where you can find puzzles and games that are not available anywhere else in the universe!!

If you and your family love dogs you are going to love this fun children’s story. The characters are all based on real dogs and cats and, just like your pet at home, they will warm your heart. They are unique and a bit flawed but you’ll love them all the same.

This is the sixth book in the Astro Adventure’s series and it will delight and entertain your family with its fast moving plots and funny storylines.

“I really enjoyed A Christmas Calamity by Susan Day. It's a fresh, funny book with an interesting topic, a great plot and very nice characters.
I could not stop laughing while reading it. The story is very exciting. There is some drama and a lot of fun. The robot Alfie tries everything to steal Christmas. He does all kind of mean things, like injuring Santa. But a group of dogs works hard to restore the greatest moment of the year. I'm now starting to read this ebook to my young kids and they love it. Susan Day is now one of the best authors in our family.” Lucia Rossa

“A Christmas Calamity! by Susan Day is a book in her Astro’s Adventures series for children eight years old or older. In it a group of anthropomorphic dogs work together to save Christmas from the diabolical plot of an evil cat and an equally evil robot... A fanciful book with a satisfying ending, I consider Susan Day’s A Christmas Calamity! a fine children’s’ book and an excellent addition to the Astro’s Adventures series.” Robert Clare

“This book is a wonderful book for children to read, not only are the characters to the children's liking but it depicts how Christmas is important to the lives and also animals as well. The story line sends the children’s imagination to a whole new world of adventure.” G. Vass

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