iGrow Soybeans

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By David E. Clay, C. Gregg Carlson, Sharon A. Clay, Larry Wagner, Darrell Deneke & Chris Hay

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iGrow Soybeans Overview

Today’s global challenges and opportunities place great demand on modern agriculture to address worldwide food security, while at the same time advancing U.S. interests in renewable energy, food safety, human health, natural resource sustainability, and global economic competitiveness.

Agricultural research and SDSU Extension programs have responded to the emerging opportunities with new technologies to increase crop yields, reduce input costs, and protect crops against pests and diseases. We are reaching new boundaries of knowledge that ultimately will make American agriculture more profitable and productive.

Soybeans are an important crop in South Dakota. This book, iGrow Soybeans: Best Management Practices for Soybean Production, contains the principles that growers need to increase profitability and production. The partnership of farmers, scientists, SDSU Extension specialists make it possible for America to feed the world.

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