The Kloodle Guide to Skills

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By Kloodle

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  • Release Date: 2014-03-03
  • Author: Kloodle
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The Kloodle Guide to Skills Overview

The employment market in the 21st Century is all about skills. The economy is travelling so fast, that as a new graduate looking for a graduate career, you will no longer have a job for life, but will have to be adaptable to the demands that the graduate recruitment market places upon you.

In order to be successful, you have to possess certain, generic employability skills. Skills such as communication, teamwork, determination, leadership and motivation. These skills will allow you to adapt to any career direction and make you a valued asset to any employer.

The kloodle skills guide ebook explains more about these skills, how you can get them and more importantly, how you can evidence them to any potential employer. This is the deal-breaker. Hard evidence is expected in today's job market - this ebook explains how you are able to achieve this.

“Graduate recruitment is changing. We’re changing it”.
Phillip Hayes, co-founder, Kloodle

Kloodle is an interactive online platform, revolutionising the way that graduate recruitment is undertaken. Kloodle facilitates and supports a dynamic graduate recruitment process for students and graduate employers. It does this by:

Creating online communities between Students, Employers and Universities throughout the duration of students’ studies
Giving students a platform from which they can build a dynamic, evolving Personal Profile throughout the duration of their studies, showcasing their academic achievements, experience and skills
Providing employers with a live facility which can be used to:

Interact with relevant students via blogs, adverts and posts throughout the duration of undergraduates’ studies
Search for specific candidates based on qualifications and skills and obtain relevant CVs and Personal Profiles
Undertake very targeted graduate recruitment advertising, direct to individual students’ Kloodle account.
Promote their graduate employer brands, throughout the duration of students’ degree studies, directly towards their ideal target demographic.

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