The Perfect BBQ

The Perfect BBQ Book Details

By Felicia D. Rollamo

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2014-07-06
  • Author: Felicia D. Rollamo
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The Perfect BBQ Overview

Have you ever wanted to throw a barbeque but got scared about the quality of the meat?

Have you ever thrown a barbeque and just knew that it could have been better?

In “The Perfect BBQ” you will learn how to throw a BBQ that will have everyone rushing to come back to your next invite.

Some of the key points covered in “The Perfect BBQ” include;

- The Basics needed to throw a great barbeque

- All the ‘little’ ingredients that turn a good barbeque into a great barbeque that everyone wants to come back to

- Choosing the right barbeque grills that gives the best results

- Common barbeque mistakes you  must avoid

- The ‘secret’ to the perfect grilled steak (the hardest to get just right)

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