Forming Friendships With Horses Teaching Your Horses With Kindness

Forming Friendships With Horses Teaching Your Horses With Kindness Book Details

By Greg Dinneen

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  • Author: Greg Dinneen
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Forming Friendships With Horses Teaching Your Horses With Kindness Overview


“When your horse shies at an object and is unwilling to go up to it,
he should to be shown that there is nothing fearful in it,
least of all to a courageous horse like him;
but if this fails,
touch the object yourself that seems so dreadful to him,
and lead him up to it with gentleness.”

“Compulsion and blows inspire only the more fear;
for when horses are at all hurt at such a time,
they think that what they shied at is the cause of the hurt.”

Xenophon: Chapter VI,
The Art Of Horsemanship,
as translated by Morris H. Morgan PhD, 1894.

Xenophon was a high-ranking officer in the Spartan Cavalry.

Xenophon wrote, “The Art Of Horsemanship”, more than 2300 years ago.
Morris H. Morgan translated it more than 100 years ago.

And, you can see,
from just that one quote,
how much so many people,
including racehorse trainers,
stable staff,
clerks of the course,
barrier attendants,
and people who bet on racehorses,
still have to learn.


Young women are usually the best at looking after horses.
Because they really like horses.

And, these young women are true leaders – supportive and considerate.
They relax frightened horses with soothing words and back rubs.

True leaders do not subjugate or even try to be leaders.
True leaders are not insecure bullies acting out their unresolved childhood issues.
True leaders do not use force.
True leaders are supportive, kind and generous.
True leaders radiate a relaxed confidence.

And, their followers are not broken and subjugated.

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