How to Run Successful Events

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By Mark Walker

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  • Release Date: 2015-03-23
  • Author: Mark Walker
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How to Run Successful Events Overview

Events are a proven route to increasing sales, raising your profile and becoming an expert in your field. That’s why Enterprise Nation has partnered with Eventbrite to offer this free eBook which offers all you need to know to organise and host a successful event of your own.

Without too much work and a little smart planning, events can offer big rewards, including: 

- PR buzz

- Project your business as a thought leader

- Increase demand for your product/service by educating the market

- Generate leads and help close sales

- Build a community around your company and increase loyalty

Those are just a few of the benefits, and great events can achieve all of the above in one go!

From this eBook you’ll learn:

- How to pick the right event for your business so it aligns with your goals

- Run an event on a limited budget

- Promote your event in a few easy steps

- Get all the essentials right, so your attendees have a great time

- Follow-up to gain even more benefits after the event has finished

We hope you enjoy the content and host some wildly successful events!

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